The 1990s were a golden era for American sports and the iconic players who were at the centre of it all


At The Benchwarmer we've always been inspired by the fashion sub-cultures of these times, created by fans, and players – so we've brought this distinctive style, attitude and nostalgia back for the modern day. If you also love rediscovering the style of American sport, and meeting a worldwide community of fans who share your passion, then come and connect with The Benchwarmer.


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Our team

Sammy Gunnell, Founder


Sammy founded The Benchwarmer to bring back the iconic style of 1990s American sports for a growing community of enthusiasts and followers. After running retail pop ups for the likes of Boxpark and SLAM Magazine, he has now launched The Benchwarmer's first store, in Camden, London. He is fan of Shawn Kemp, Shaq's rap career and the Ewing era New York Knicks.